Calculating dependant fields in AngularJS

Working on dynamic forms is not as easy as the AngularJS documentation suggests. I was recently working on a form that had dependant data that needed to be calculated server-side, which made for interesting validation scenarios.

Viewing Android panoramas

A demonstration of rendering Android panoramas using Photo Sphere Viewer.

The Legend of Dumplings!

"Dumplings Monday" is a long-held tradition in our development team at work, dating back to shortly after dumplings were first invented. Dumplings! is a utility to help work out which servings of dumplings to order, based on stored preferences. Download it for free from the Google Play store, or check out the source code on GitHub!

Combining Builders and Providers

In this blog post, we will implement a flexible helper object that can:
  1. Keep track of which user groups we want to email
  2. Query objects in the user domain to retrieve the users’ email addresses
  3. Provide an email builder with the users’ email addresses using a standard interface

SVG icons in the Tango and Homestuck style

In 2012, I rendered a set of Tango Zodiac icons in the style popularised by the Homestuck web comics. Using a set of Unicode characters and armed with a copy of Inkscape, I was able to generate the full set of icons, saved as SVGs. Feel free to download the set and use them for whatever purpose!